Purchasing from Lightsmith's

Most photographs on this site may be purchased.

The majority are available in detail allowing an 20x16 inch or greater sized print and are (if I say so myself!) of excellent quality. Most images are semi-gloss on top quality paper and archive quality ink, or conventional wet process - you can request this option.

Prints are available from 8.00 each for non-commercial use. Commercial usage prices depend on the application for which they are used. Some galleries have an automated secure ordering facility to make things easier.

Terms and Conditions are HERE.

I may have pictures of interest which are not shown on the site; if you have a particular requirement then please contact me and I will be pleased to discuss your needs with you. I may be able to make images available by an assignment if they are not in stock.

To enquire about any picture or a photo-session event or wedding, please click HERE and contact me.

To purchase Greetings Cards, click HERE

For bespoke postcards please contact me. A successful range of these for Ironbridge is readily available with details on the postcards page. I can create bespoke postcards and greetings cards for you and your organisation.

Other Items

Some Lightsmith's products are also available at the Crystal Labyrinth along with fragranced Yankee candles - ideal for spring & summer evenings in or outside or to fragrance the home or office anytime. Not only can you wall be adorned with pictures, but you can experience exquisite fragrances.

Between Lightsmith' Photography and Crystal Labyrinth we can satisfy your sight, sound, smell and spiritual needs!.

Let your imagination run free with our candles! Fragranced candles to transport you wherever you want to go - without leaving your house. Candles to relax, candles to soothe, candles to stimulate.