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Warwick Folk Festival 2012


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Where aspect ratios differ from shown image, area will be cropped or added.

Images available framed and mounted, too!



Malcolm Locker -- ©Malcolm Locker All Rights Reserved: -- 30/07/2012

Photographs are currently supplied unmounted in a tube and are not always the exact size shown on the buttons, the smallest size shown being the minimum. For instance, a picture intended to be square cannot be 20 x 16 inches - it will be 16 x 16 inches. Typically in those instances you may actually receive a full size print but there will be additional content to the edge of the paper which makes no positive contribution to the aesthetics of the picture - it may be cropped or used as support for framing.

If you would like a mounted or framed picture, please contact me; note that mounted or framed pictures must be picked up directly.